Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment Review

Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment Review

Every person that has a pet will have experienced a flea infestation at some point. The problem with fleas is that they snick in very quickly: just one “bouncer,” and you will have an infestation up your hands in just a matter of days.

Here’s the problem with fleas: they can lay as many as 400-500 eggs if they eat often. And the minute they eat, they can already prepare to lay eggs – which is when an innocent flea may become the leader of a flea army.

Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment Features

The issue with these eggs is that they are also very difficult to kill – since they are protected. It’s much easier to kill the adult flea than it is to kill the eggs. For this reason, we will review the effect of the Bayer Advantage II cat flea treatment.

About The Product

The Bayer Advantage II is one of the most recommended products for fighting against fleas – and is generally the veterinarian’s go-to.

This treatment is very easy to apply, mostly due to its simple design. Coming into a small tube with gel liquid, you will only have to place a small drop on the back of your cat’s neck – where you know for sure that it won’t be able to lick the treatment off.

This treatment should start working within 12 hours – and during that time, the eggs will be targeted as well. The imidaclorpid is strong enough to go through the protective shell and prevent the flea eggs from hatching.

The Bayer Advantage II is waterproof. Therefore, if your cats love spending most of their time outdoor, then they will be protected against any new “invaders.” For it to stay in effect, you will only have to apply the solution again once every 30 days.

For a full treatment, you will need one tube per cat. However, since the packs come with 3 or 6 tubes (per choice), it is a good option for households that have more than one cat. Overall, here is a list of features that the Bayer Advantage II provides:

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    It is odorless
  • check
    It is recommended by veterinarians
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    It kills fleas on contact, with no need for them to bite
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    It starts working within the first 12 hours
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    It can be easily applied once every month
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    As you can see, this is a perfectly fine hassle-free treatment against fleas

The Results

Bayer has been manufacturing treatment for cats and dogs since 1863, which explains why the company is so reputable. They’ve had enough time to improve their formula, making it as safe as possible for every cat.

The solution is meant to kill the fleas by contact – which means your cat won’t have to suffer through additional bites. The fleas will just have to touch the skin, and they will die shortly.

Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment Application

The application is very easy. All you have to do is place one drop at the back of your cat’s neck, where it can’t reach to lick. Plus, since it’s topical, you will not have to struggle each time you have to “treat” your cat.

Overall, it is also very effective. In only 12 hours, it will already start taking effect – and you will only have to apply it once a month.

What Others Say

The majority of the people that have used the Bayer Advantage II flea treatment swear by its effectiveness. The average working time is, as they advertise, 12 hours – so your cat will be free of fleas in a relatively short time.

The application can be a hit or miss, according to what many users say. If you only have one cat, there will not be any issues – as long as you apply it correctly, where it cannot reach.

On the other hand, if you have more than one cat, there is the chance that they will groom one another and ingest the treatment accidentally.

They didn’t report any noticeable side effects, other than some agitation after taking the treatment. It did, however, pass relatively soon – in around just a few hours. 

What We Liked

We liked the fact that the fleas started dying right away, without them having to bite into the cat to take effect. Plus, the active agent does not really enter the bloodstream, making it safe – and not at all toxic – for the cat. 

We also liked the fact that the action is very quick. In only 12 hours, the fleas will already start dropping, and your cat will be free of the parasites.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t particularly like the fact that this product is fairly expensive, considering the small tube it comes in. This would not have been a problem if there weren’t any side effects – such as distress to the pet.

Buying Advice

This treatment is fairly popular, so you have all the chances of finding it at your local pet shop or veterinarian. However, as long as you receive the OK from the pet doctor, you might want to give online shops a try.

Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment


Amazon is pretty decent when it comes to prices, especially when you buy the product from sellers that offer discounts. These discounts can go as high as 50%, depending on the seller – and you may even get free shipping.

This is a very good option if you live far away from the states and you don’t want to pay loads of money for shipping

Final Thoughts

If you want something effective that will take care of the fleas very soon, then the Bayer Advantage II may be a sound choice for you. It’s odorless, so your cat will not be bothered by the smell – and therefore be tempted to lick it off.

The price may not be among the lowest you can find, but when it comes to effectiveness and safety, it’s definitely something you may want to try out.

Our Rating

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