Bayer Seresto Cat Flea Treatment Review

Bayer Seresto Cat Flea Treatment Review

Collars have been around for as long as we’ve had pets. They make sure that our pet does not get mistaken for a stray – and that it will eventually come back to us, without getting lost.

At some point, however, we realized that a collar can be more than a collar – it can be a flea collar. Not only will it protect your cat from being captured by the pound, but it will also prevent the fleas from crawling up your dearest pet.

Bayer Seresto Cat Flea Treatment Features

For this reason, we have decided to review the features brought to us by the Bayer Seresto Cat flea collar. Can it actually do a good job at keeping our furry companion safe? Let’s find out!

About The Product

The Bayer Seresto flea collar is the type of treatment you go for if you want to avoid the hassle of monthly topical treatment. Since this collar will be in effect for 8 months, you won’t have to go through extensive troubles to keep your cat flea-free.

The collar was meant to be mess-free, grease-free, and odorless. This means that this collar should not bother your cat in any way, making it comfortable for both you and your pet.

The fleas are killed through contact, which means they will not have to further bite into your cat for the fleas to disappear. All they will need to do is touch the skin and the fleas will start dying.

Not only does this collar kill off the fleas, but it can handle ticks as well. This means that if your cat is the outdoors type, it will not come back holding any uninvited guests.

The collar is easy to apply; just clasp it on and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s also comfortable and safe for the cat, since the release mechanism allows for the cat to get free if it’s trapped. Overall, here are the features that this collar brings us:

  • checkVeterinarian-recommended collar
  • checkIt is relatively odorless
  • checkYou get 8 months of continuous flea and tick protection
  • checkEasy application
  • checkQuick release mechanism that’s based on the cat’s strength
  • checkIt features reflective clips for nighttime visibility

Not only is this collar useful for your cat, but it is also something that will make them feel like divas (as if they weren’t already).

The Results

Many people were first skeptical about choosing a flea collar in favor of a topical treatment. However, the idea of this collar is to keep the fleas away – and that includes the newborn ones as well.

Basically, this flea collar will spread pesticide over your cat, killing all the fleas on contact. It may not be able to go through the egg, but once it hatches, it will kill the larvae. The fleas will not have the chance to bite into your pet.

Bayer Seresto Cat Flea Treatment On Table

The collar is relatively odorless – although you can smell a bit that it was treated with something. It’s a pesticide, after all, so it cannot be completely smell-free.

The Seresto cat flea collar has a long-lasting effect – even longer than your average cat flea treatment. While most of the collars last for around 6 months, this one goes over to around 8 months.

Granted, the strength of the pesticide will start wearing off near the end of the collar’s expiration date – but even so, it will still last longer than your average collar.

The reflective clips are also a very nice addition. It’s not like your cat will need them since they can see in the dark – but you’ll be able to see it approaching as well. It’s a good option if the cat is the outdoors type.

What Others Say

Many people got this flea collar after they have received recommendations from the veterinarian. Most reviews are fairly different in opinion – but this mostly depends on how sensitive the cat is.

Some people reported hair loss and abrasion around the neck of their cat, fact which caused them to remove the collar immediately. Most of the cats, however, had no problems – and the collar did exactly what it was supposed to do.

People also like the fact that the collar looks fairly good, considering the price. All they advise, however, is to check your cat’s neck daily – and therefore, prevent an allergic reaction.


What We Liked

Aside from its long protection term, we also liked the fact that this collar looks very nice. It can pass off as a regular “I have a caring owner” at any time.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t particularly like the fact that the collar did have a certain odor. Plus, since the pesticide is rather strong, it may cause rashes or burns around the neck area of your cat.

Buying Advice

You can buy this product from the veterinarian; however, if you want to get it at a better price, you may want to try Amazon first. Here, the prices are generally lower than your average pet shop – where everything is at least double the price.

Bayer Seresto Cat Flea Treatment


The price revolves around $50, give or take, but some sellers also provide free shipping. Not only is this a good option if you live in a different state, but it’s perfect if you live in a different country as well.

Final Thoughts

The Bayer Seresto flea collar is a great solution for pet owners that have a flea powder. You may want to ask for a vet’s opinion since the pesticide it uses is rather strong – but overall, it’s very effective at its job.

The price is not among the lowest, but it can protect your cat for more than half a year. During this time, the chances are that you will not even see a flea in your house.

It’s simple to use, safe, and it works for fleas and ticks alike. If your cat enjoys spending most of their time outside, then this is definitely a worthy purchase.

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